Air Fryer Recipe - Lemongrass Chicken Wings

I love air frying my chicken wings because the skin always turned out crispy and the meat tender and juicy. I don't know how the hot air circulating in the machine did this but this beats deep frying chicken wings anytime, in my own opinion that is. 

Drawing inspiration from some nice Thai food I had a week ago, I decided to experiment using some common ingredients found in Thai cuisine - lemongrass and fish sauce. I was pleasantly surprised by the results given the little ingredients this dish requires! The hubs loved it so much that he requested that I marinate a kilogram of these in the fridge so that he can air fry it himself whenever he wants. 

Serves 2, or 3 


6                       chicken wings 
3 stalks             lemon grass
3 cloves            garlic
2 tablespoon     fish sauce
1 tablespoon     honey 
                         ground white pepper 


- Remove the outer skin of the lemongrass. Bruise it using the back of a knife or a pestle. Chop the lemongrass and garlic roughly. 

- Place all ingredients together in a ziplock bag and marinate overnight. 

- Take the chicken wings out from the bag, removing any excess aromatics that may be stuck on it. 

- Air fry for 15 - 20 minutes at 160 degree celsius, turning the wings once half way. 

- Serve with some Thai chilli sauce, if preferred. 

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