Casear Salad with Wholemeal Croutons

I couldn't make up my mind on what to eat for dinner one evening that I decided to make do with a simple salad. A simple salad doesn't necessarily means I have to succumb myself to a boring or blant dinner. I ran out of white bread and made do with my leftover wholemeal instead. It was nonetheless a healthy pleasant alternative. Alright, maybe not so healthy with all the butter that's been added but it was good I have to say.
1 bunch                   lettuce, rinsed and dry
2 tablespoons          grated parmesan cheese
1/2                           roasted chicken breast, sliced or 5 slices of smoked salmon (optional)
For the croutons:
2 slices                     wholemeal bread or 1/2 small baguette, cut into cubes
1 tablespoon             butter
1/2 teaspoon             garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon             paprika
dash                          black pepper
For the dressing:
1 fillet                       anchovies in oil  
3 cloves                    garlic, minced
1/2 tablespoon          dijon mustard
1/2 tablespoon          vinegar
(I used red wine vinegar but you can also replace it with other vinegar except for cider or balsamic vinegar)
1 heap tablespoon     mayonnaise
4 tablespoons           extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tablespoon          lemon juice
                                  salt & pepper to season
Mix all the ingredients for the dressing thoroughly, making sure to mince the anchovy. Set aside.
Heat a small pan with a tablespoon of butter. Add in the cubed bread and sprinkle with garlic powder, black pepper and paprika. Toss them evenly until the bread turns crispy or golden brown for white bread.
Combine all other ingredients together, adding smoked salmon or roasted chicken breast if desired.

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