Stir Fried Garlic Sprouts with Dried Shrimp

Garlic sprouts are crunchy, super sweet and I especially love it when it's lightly stir-fried. In this recipe, I've added some dried shrimps that has been marinated in Chinese wine to give the dish that little extra oomph. The same recipe can also be used to fry long beans, french beans and even cabbages or asparagus, so do give it a try according to your liking.

1 packet                      garlic sprouts, peeled and cut into 2-inches long
2 cloves                       garlic, minced
1 tablespoon                cooking oil
1 tablespoon                dried shrimp, soaked in water
1 tablespoon                Chinese wine such as hua tiao or shao xing
1 teaspoon                   chicken powder


Drain the dried shrimp from the water, reserving the water for later use.

Add 1 tablespoon of Chinese wine to the pre-soaked shrimp and set aside for 5 minutes.

Heat a wok or pan with 1 tablespoon of cooking oil. Add in the pre-marinated dried shrimp and fry until fragrant. Add in the minced garlic and fry until it turns golden brown.

Mix in the garlic sprouts, 3 tablespoons of the shrimp water and 1 teaspoon of chicken powder. Mix evenly and cover with a lid.

Remove lid after 2 minutes, fry lightly and serve.

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